Live Weather

A live feed with historical log of Temperature, Rainfall, and Wind data.

Using an Auriol Premium Weather Station and an RTL-SDR usb stick to intercept the data transmissions between the sensors and the receiving unit it is possible to log weather data and report it online.

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GB3VL, otherwise known as Video Lincoln, is an Amateur TV repeater station that I sometimes take part in, we tend to have a laugh but also do 'Natter Nights' and 'Tech Talk'. My callsign is M6FXU, I can be seen along with G7AVU (Bob the Repeater Keeper), G7RLK (Steve) and various other people.

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Airport Webcams

As some of my friends like watching the airports (along with various methods of tracking planes) it became apparent to me that they were choosing an airport were only able to watch that one unless they opened multiple windows. I decided to find the streams and put them in one place, to give consistency as well as allowing full-screen on the streams. Hoping to add more and more webcams as time passes!

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